Roman Tent – 3m x 3m Linen

Roman Tent – 3m x 3m Linen

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Historical tent used by Roman legions. Original tents were sewed out of leather. Standard version is made of linen canvas.

Leather version is also available.

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Legionnaires tent used during the Roman period. One tent served for the Contubernium, the smallest tactical unit in the Roman army. Most sources indicate that the tents of Roman legionaries were made of goatskins. This is reported by archaeological findings and iconography. According to reports, a standard Roman tent of this type housed 8 to 10 people, 2 of whom were on watch, so 6 to 8 people slept at any given time. Sources also say that one mule was intended for transporting such a tent. At least in the legions after the reforms of Gaius Marius.

Interestingly, in the German army of the Second World War, a tent made of triangular sheets, so-called Zelt, had 4 people, three of whom slept and one was on guard. And our Grosse Stabszelt is amazingly similar to the Roman Tabernacle.


As a standard, the tent of legionnaires tent is sewn from thick linen fabric with a denisty of 540g/m2. Good quality linen fabric will not soak through even during prolonged rain. There is also an option of impregnated linen which is hydrophobic and rot restistant. Our offer also includes a Tabernacle tent made of leather. The Roman tent can be adapted to individual preferences. We can also paint the legionnaires tent with motifs.


The Roman tent is 3 m wide, 3 m long and 2.2 m high. The main piles are made of strong wood like ash, beech or the like. Long split piles for easier transport, the longest element is 1.3 m long.


The price includes:

  • tent canvas – in one piece
  • wooden poles,
  • transport bag
  • set of wooden pegs

Available options:

  • Hand forged steel pegs


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Weight38 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 50 cm

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