roman shield boss

Umbo shields

Umbo shields – because your hand has not only to be safe, but also to feel comfortable How do we call a knight without a decent […]

Matuls on YouTube!

Hi guys! As mentioned on our Facebook fanpage, with a brand new shop, we opened our YouTube channel, stay tuned as we are currently in progress […]

Sale out

Hi there! Welcome to our stock. Here we have listed items that are on sale out currently. Please keep in mind a few things: There is […]
hełm średniowieczny armet

Pages of History – The Armet

Welcome. For today, we want to bring to your attention an item that recently peaks interest. Armet is a type of helmet having its roots in […]

Fire tests of linen canvas

  We have run a simple test to see if linen fabric will catch fire just because of lantern standing under it. As you will see […]