Medieval tents and other periods like Viking tents as well as other canvas shelters from our wide offer are well known all over the world. We deliver complete historical tents in great quality. Receiving them from us you do not need to buy any extras. Our standard offer is extensive however if you do not find the model you want then please ask for your custom design. Our medieval tents are made in linen canvas or cotton canvas in budget versions. Other historical models like 17th century tents are offered in similar canvas types. In our offer you will find also leather tents that were used by Roman Empire and its legions. We make all to provide our historical tents, sheds and tarps durable and longlasting.

Large medieval tents were used by knights and equiped rich in furniture. You can find examples of tables, chairs and chest that will enrich your medieval tents in our furniture section.

Smaller historical tents often called field tents or camp tents were used by soldiers from Roman legionaries, medieval soldiers or 17th century musketeers to WW2 era Axis or Alied soldiers.

You will find here also small tarps for time travelers, sheds for historical camps. We do not forgot about Viking tents and some equipement like Viking sleeping bags.




We sew our medieval and other tents using only high quality linen or cotton canvas. All the fabrics come in plain or impregnated version which guarantees that tents are water and rot resistant. Thanks to to many years of experience we have established a chain of trusted suppliers and developed designs that are practical and as close to historical original as possible.We use only natural materials, historically correct in each and every detail. For orthodox re-enactors we can provide hand stitched historical tents. All our tents come as a complete set of items and therefore they are ready to be set up on arrival. For the production of frames we use hardwood like ash, birch, beech and similar.

You will find instructions, films and practical advises on our Blog or Matuls youtube channel.

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