About Us


About Matuls

For over 15 years...

...we have been providing high quality clothes and equipment for re-enactors all over the world. The aim of Matuls is to provide high quality, historically accurate medieval equipment. Our offer includes tents, clothing, armour, furniture and many other accessories for professional medieval re-enactors. Authenticity often comes at a price. However, we offer a range of products to suit every budget. Our clothing can be machine stitched or, if preferred, hand stitched to achieve that truly authentic look. The fabrics used can be machine woven or hand woven depending on your budget and taste.

Over the years...

...of our activity we have been undertaking extensive research and we are confident that our products are historically accurate and of a high quality. We are constantly seeking new solutions to improve our product range and the services provided to you, our Customer.
Please do browse our website and feel free to mail us with your orders, enquiries, comments or ideas on how we may further improve our services.

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How We make Our Clothing

In order to...

...ensure maximum authenticity we use only 100% linen and high quality woollen fabrics for our clothing production. Standard clothing is machine stitched, but we hand stitch buttonholes and use handmade fabric buttons, to provide authentic historical look of garments.
We also offer fully hand stitched clothing using authentic medieval stitching styles. To maximise stitch strength we use special construction methods. We use only linen thread for hand stitching . As it was done in past ages, all our clothes are made for individual measurements; check how to take measurements in How to Order section. However, obviously there is also an option to provide clothes in the standardized sizes, check our size chart in How to Order section. For re-enactors who require complete authenticity we currently offer hand woven textiles and hand stitching.

How we make our tents

We sew our tents using only linen and cotton canvas. All the fabrics come in plain or impregnated version. Impregnation guarantees that tents are water-resistant and rot-resistant. Owing to many years of experience we have established chain of trusted suppliers and developed constructions that are practical and as close to historical sources as possible. We use only natural materials, historically correct in details. For orthodox re-enactors we can provide even hand stitched tents. All our tents come complete and ready to use, for the production of poles we use hard wood like ash, birch, beech and others.

What you will get along with your tent:
  • wooden poles and other necessary elements
    for construction*,
  • cotton bags for transport,
  • set of pegs (wooden or steel pegs),
  • natural hemp ropes (synthetic hemp ropes
    available as an option with no extra charge)

*Sheds and tarps go without wood unless you specify differently

We customize tents for you!

Although there is a variety of sizes and shapes available in regular offer we can still produce a special model for you. You can also choose colours of fabrics. Another option to create it even more unique is hand-painting in historical patterns or your own ones.


We produce furniture based on historical models. For the production, we use mainly oak wood or ash, sometimes alder in cheaper versions. In addition to furniture from the standard offer, we also realize special orders. Our order realizations can be found below.