High Cone Tent – 4m – Cotton

High Cone Tent – 4m – Cotton

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Conical shaped medieval tent used widely in the past. Suitable for two people and their equipment. Very easy to set up, with a bit experience you can do it on your own. This model is based on medieval iconography and models that survived till nowadays.  Tent is 3,35 m high and 4 m in diameter. The central mast is devided into two parts for convenient transportation.

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High cone tent, a type of a historical tent measuring 3.35 m in height and 4 m in diameter. Its’ big advantage is the small amount of space it takes up during transport and the simplicity of setting it up. The tent is based on iconographic representations and artifacts which survived until today. Wooden mast is made of hard wood and divided into two sections that are combined with a metal profile wrapped in hemp rope. This is done to facilitate transport of the high cone tent.

As standard the high cone tent is made from natural colour technical cotton of 300 gr/m2 density. This fabric, however, will not withstand prolonged rain, recommended for countries with a warm climate. We suggest to order the high cone made from impregnated fabric which has been tested and impregnated by the manufacturer, not by a subcontractor or by hand which will guarantee that the tent is rot resistant and waterproof. We also provide and option to use a colored and impregnated fabric for the tent, in the footer of the shop website you will find a link to the card of available colors. Impregnated cotton has a density of 360 gr/m2. Wecan paint the high cone tent with historical motifs.

The set includes:

  • Tent sheet in one piece
  • Wooden mast devided into two parts
  • A set of wooden pegs
  • Decorative crowning
  • Transport bag

Available options for the high cone tent:

  • Hand forged steel pegs
  • Hand made heavy duty hemp rope and steel pegs that make the tent more resistant to heavy weather

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