Prussian field tent – 18th century – Linen

Prussian field tent – 18th century – Linen

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Historic soldiers tent made of linen canvas.

Although it was made according to the instructions of the Prussian military handbook of the eighteenth century, it is also suitable for other periods.

Designed for six soldiers with their personal equipment.

Dimensions: height 2m, 2.5m width, length 4m. It has one entrance but we can optionally add another one.

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Prussian field tent made on the basis of instructions from the Prussian Book. Written in the 18th century, it was describing how to conduct war campaigns.

It contains a wealth of information, from very general to small details.

Although that prussian tent was made according to the instructions in the Prussian military manual, it is also suitable for other periods, as similar designs were used at other times and in different armies.

As standard, the entrance is located on a flat triangular wall. Second entrance is possible as option an option.

However, you should then pay attention to the possibility of increased desertion among soldiers. Maybe that was the reason why original prussian field tent had only one entrance 😉

We also recommend equipping tents with lantern stands and metal lanterns, which will make it easier to find the tent in the dark at night.

You can find them in the section with such an assortment or by clicking here.

The Prussian field tent was designed for six soldiers with personal equipment. However, we recommend reducing the number of inhabitants to three for a reenactors who values ​​comfort and the possibility of a mess in the tent.

As standard, made of thick linen fabric with a density of 540 gr / m2. Good quality linen fabric will not get soak through even during prolonged rain, optionally it can be made from impregnated linien, which makes the tent hydrophobic and rot resistant.

Dimensions: height 2 m, width 2.5 m, length 4 m.

Set contains:

– tent sheet – in one part,

– wooden frame – three piles divided into two parts each,

– a set of wooden pegs for the tent,

– transport bags.


– steel pins – hand-forged.

We can also equip the prussian field tent with the markings or colors of the regiment.

You will find useful camp equipment, such as buckets, barrels, etc., in our camp equipment department.

We also invite you to our YouTube channel, where you will find reviews of our products and practical advice.

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Hand forged steel pegs

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