Two mast pavilion tent XVII – 4m x 7m – Cotton

Two mast pavilion tent XVII – 4m x 7m – Cotton

1,300.00 2,080.00 

Comfortable pavilion build on two poles but without spokes like pavilion in Swiss Museum in Basel. Tent is 7m long and 4m wide. In standard made of plain cotton but we can make it with impregnated cotton as well. Please remember that we do not impregnated fabric on our own but we use completely different fabric that is professionally impregnated in factory. Thanks to that fabric is waterproof and resistible to mold and fungus. Wooden poles are made of ash, oak or other hard wood. In standard, bottom of tent has standard simple ropes and no windfla as in other 2 poles tents. Not triple ropes like those on photo, those specific ropes were made on custom order.

A historical tent of a frame consiting only of two masts and side supports.

The design is based upon XVIII century painting.

The tent is 4m wide, 7m long and 3.7m high. The tent sheet consist of 5 parts: one roof and 4 wall segments. Thanks to this design you can lift the front and/or the back and create a roofed entrance. The main masts are devided into two parts for the ease of transportation. The longest element is 2.1m long.

As standard the tent is made from natural coloured technical cotton of 300 gr/m2 density. This fabric, however, will not withstand prolonged rain, recommended for countries with a warm climate. We suggest to order impregnated fabric which has been tested and impregnated by the manufacturer, not by a subcontractor or by hand which will guarantee that the tent is rot resistant and waterproof. We also provide and option to use a colored and impregnated fabric for the tent, in the footer of the shop website you will find a link to the card of available colors. We also paint tents with historical motifs.

The set includes:

  • Tent sheet in 5 pieces
  • Wooden frame
  • A set of wooden pegs
  • Decorative crownings
  • Transport bag

Available options:

  • hand forged steel pegs
  • hand made sturdy hemp rope and steel pegs making the tent more resistant to heavy weather

Shipping cost is around 60€

Weight65 kg
Dimensions200 × 60 × 60 cm

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