Fancy Wams – 17th Century Doublet

Fancy Wams – 17th Century Doublet

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Fancy doublet made of woolen cloth sewn in the style of  seventeenth century.

Fancy wams made in seventeenth-century style.This exact model is made of woolen cloth, cut is based on

In the basic version, we sew it from wool cloth and lined with linen. It has tight-fitting sleeves, fastened with a row of metal buttons, just like the front of the doublet. Inside the wams, there is a sewn-in special strip with hand trimmed holes.  It was designed to attach the trousers.

Like all our garments, wams can be made by machine or hand stitched. It is available in many color variants.

Please specify them at the end of the ordering process. The color scheme shown on photos is only an example.

In the form available at the end of the order, you will find a lot of space to describe your preferences. You can also do it via email.

In our offer, this garment can be made of linen when it is to be lighter, e.g. for summer heat, or of good quality woolen cloth. Wams is an indispensable garment for any 17th century re-enactor. Both for the civilian and the military.

Especially as musketeer doublet, like any of the costumes we offer, it is available in standard or individual sizes.

The size chart as well as the color table can be found here and in the footer of the page.

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Weight1.7 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 30 cm