Skjoldehamn tunic – Vikings – Grim

Skjoldehamn tunic – Vikings – Grim

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Skjoldehamn tunic (Norway) was made in X century. It was discovered in bog with all men’s suit. Original was sewn in yellow-brown wool with standing collar, neckline is V-shaped. Gores provides comfort of using.

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Skjoldehamn tunic (Norway) or rather one of our interpretations. Original piece was made in 10th century. It was discovered in 1936 in bog with all Viking outfit. Tunic was sewn in yellow-brown wool with standing collar. It had V-shape neckline and gores on sides made of few triangles.

In our offer, this garment can be made of linen, when it is to be lighter, e.g. for summer heat, or of good quality woolen cloth. Tunics are an indispensable piece of clothing for every re-enactor of the early Middle Ages.

This tunic, like any of the costumes we offer, is available in standard sizes or individual sizes. Like all our clothes, we can make it by machine or by handto fulfill expectations of the most demanding reenactors.

Skjoldehamn tunic is available in many colors. Please specify them at the end of the ordering process. The tunic shown on photos is only a simplified example of an outfit. We can modify them very widely, decorate them with tablet woven trims or contrasting stripes of fabric.

In the form available at the end of the order, you will find a lot of space to describe your preferences.

You can also do it via email.

The size table as well as the colour chart can be found here and in the page footer.

We also ave many other interesting accessories so your Viking outfit would more splendid.

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Skjoldehamn is a small village in Norway. In the reconstruction world, it is famous for its multitude of finds from the Viking period.

In our offer you will find a few more items of clothing from that location. The Skjoldehamn tunic is not the only element of Viking outfit that you can buy at our shop. The hood and shirt available in our store are equally famous and characteristic for that location.

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