Oseberg Bed

Oseberg Bed

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Medieval folding bed 2 meters long and 1.2 meters wide.In standard version it is not decorated with extra decorative holes on sides. This type of bed is based on the English model from the 15th century. The wooden simple bed is solid and functional. Classic and timelessness will satisfy the most demanding. The bed is ideal for arranging modern interiors.

In standard we will use alder or sycamore wood. Depending what we are able to get at the moment. On request we will use precious oak wood.

Bed can have ropes or planks. Second option is more comfortable but also takes more space in transport.

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Oseberg bed in our interpretation.

Medieval dismountable bed from the Viking period. It has an internal dimension of 2 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width.

We can make a bed in other sizes as well. This type of bed is based on finds from Oseberg circa 850. We replaced the originally inclined headboard with a straight one to make it easier to place it against the wall.

Their original inclined position is probably due to the fact that the bed was placed on a boat.

The Oseberg bed is simple and solid thanks to the use of hardwood. Decoration is based on original piece but not exact one.

Optionally, it can have ropes insted of boards , fo easier transport.

Various types of wood are possible to make this piece of furniture.


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