Longhair Viking sleeping bag

Longhair Viking sleeping bag


Viking sleeping bag made of sheep skins. Edge is finished with natural leather and fastened with wooden buttons.

Longhair Viking sleeping bag that will perfectly replace the modern sleeping bag giving interior of your tent more authentic feel. Especially when you use one of our woolen tents.

It is made of few sheepskins sewn together, additional layer of wool wadding and waterproof linen.

Possible colours or fur: white or brown.

Outer layer, made of linen is waterproof, thanks to that this sleeping bag will not absorb moisture from the substrate.

However we do not recommend placing it directly on ground.

Between the outer layer and fur, sewn insulation made of pure wool. This design ensures resistance to very low temperatures.

In both versions, the edge is finished with natural leather. Fasteners made of wooden buttons and leather loops.

Additionaly there is a flap at bottom to preven cold air getting into the sleeping bag.

Longhair Viking sleeping bag will be perfect as both a Viking sleeping bag or as a bedding for a rich knight.

The historic sleeping bag can also be opened and laid flat to be used as a rug or large bedspread. Then it will cover 200cm x 160cm surface.

Dimensions of Viking sleeping bag:

length: 200 cm
width: 80 cm
after folding: 80 cm / 60 cm.
weight: about 6 kg

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Dimensions200 × 85 cm