Geteld tent 2 x 4 m cotton

Geteld tent 2 x 4 m cotton

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The tent is 2 m wide, 4 m long and 2.2 m high, it can comfortably accommodate 1-2 people. Popular in early middle ages. The tent is based on iconographical sources and preserved relics.

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The “Geteld” tent is 2 m wide, 4 m long and 2.2 m high, it can comfortably accommodate 1-2 people. As standard the tent is made from natural coloured technical cotton of 300 gr/m2 density. This fabric, however, will not withstand prolonged rain, recommended for countries with a warm climate. We suggest to order impregnated fabric which has been tested and impregnated by the manufacturer, not by a subcontractor or by hand which will guarantee that the tent is rot resistant and waterproof.

The frame is made of strong wood such as ash, beech. The masts are divided for easier transport, the longest element is 2m long.

The name “geteled” has an anglo – saxon origin and it means “tent”. The oldest known depiction is in th Utrecht Psalter (ca. 830), but it was used even in XII century. This tent has frame in “A” – shape. It has a lot of picture in medieval illuminated manuscript, mostly from France and England. The knight and the soldiers used it.

The traveling knight needed a lot of equipment to live comfortably, that’s why the Norman tent was richly equipped with furniture and transport boxes, which are available here.

The set for geteld includes:

  • A tent sheet in one piece
  • Wooden frame
  • A set of wooden pegs
  • Decorative crowning
  • Transport bag

Available options for geteld tent:

  • Hand forged steel pegs
  • Heavy duty hand made hemp rope and steel pegs making the tent resistant to heavy weather

Overseas delivery is made without poles  as delivery cost would be too expensive.

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