Fustain – 450gr/m2 – 1,5wide – Natural

Fustain – 450gr/m2 – 1,5wide – Natural


Linen canvas with a density of 450 gr / m2 and a width of about 150 cm. 100% Natural, not impregnated.

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Fustian or cotton-linen fabric with a weight of 450 gr / m2 and a width of about 150 cm. As a standard, fabric comes in natural color and is not impregnated.

Offered fabric in the style of fustian, the thread here is linen and warp is cotton.

On special request, the fabric can be dyed in almost any color. However, there is a certain requirements of meters of fabric that have to be ordered.

If you plan to make a tent out of it, then for better resistance to fungi and mold, we recommend impregnation with modern chemicals that can be found in this section.

Our fustian is a proven, high quality fabric, produced in Europe.

It retains water well and is durable, which is why such fustain is used in the production of special clothing, tents, shelters like tarp, etc.

In addition, it is suitable for making backpacks, curtains or durable bags.

Historically, fustian fabric has been produced and used in Europe since the early Middle Ages. It should be remembered that there were and there are many types of fustian.

Sometimes it was a fluffy fabric on one or two sides, and sometimes a smooth fabric, depending how it was woven.

Contrary to popular belief, cotton (as a raw material) is not so unhistorical as one might think.

Such fustian will find by reenactors from the 11th to the 17th century. For Slavs and Vikings, purely woolen and linen fabrics will still be irreplaceable and more in the safe zone of historical accuracy.

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