Woolen tarp

Woolen tarp

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Woolen tarp.

Small camping shed for time travelers and more. Small size and low weight make it handy for soldiers and anyone who likes hiking.


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Woolen tarp, a small camping shelter for time travelers and others. Small size and low weight make it handy for reenactors and anyone who likes hiking.

A very universal item because it can be used both as a shelter or in good weather it can be used as a blanket or bedding for an exhausted traveler.

As standard, it is made of proven, durable and well-liked fabric – wool, it is professionally impregnated by fabric producer.

As standard, woolen tarp is made of woolen cloth with a weight of 600gr. The fabric has been impregnated for better performance. The standard fabric is in a grey color.

Fabric used for woolen tarp is impregnated by proffesional factory, so it is not a home-made one.

Especially in the early Middle Ages, tents were also made of woolen fabric. Woolen fabrics were widely used in the world at that time due to their availability and their utility values. The properties of wool mean that it efficiently retains water.

Such shelters were commonly used by travelers and soldiers of all ages. Tarps, although made of other modern fabrics than our woolen tarp, are popular to this day.
Size (flat): 1.5 m by 2.9 m, weight 1.8 kg.

Size (flat): 2.9 m by 2.9 m, weight 2.6 kg.

The woolen tarp comes with 15 meters of hemp rope. Optionally, we can add metal pegs, but we advise against it due to additional weight. Pegs can be easily cut from whatever is in any forest.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 30 cm

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