Tabard – Armor suit – Knight

Tabard – Armor suit – Knight


One of the points of the knights’ rule says:

“Multiply your property and keep it in order,

to appear with dignity in the field when the need arises. ”

In our offer you will find various, solidly made of the highest quality materials made tabards,

to look dignified in the field and in the competition.

Tabard – Knight, name only for identification in the order, our tabard can be proudly worn even by a Lord.

We accept orders for any color configuration.

Tabard is a type of short coat that was commonly worn by men in the late Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern period in Europe. He was either sleeveless or had short sleeves or shoulder parts. In a more developed form, open on the sides and could be worn with or without a belt, in this form they survived as a characteristic outfit of weapon officers.

In the second half of the fifteenth century, tabards, now open on the sides, and therefore usually fastened with straps, were also worn by knights in the military context for armor.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the word in English was noted in 1450. Tabard apparently differed from the coats with open sides and a shorter cut. In their later form they usually consisted of four parts – two large parts hanging down at the front and back of the user and two smaller parts hanging above the shoulders as shoulder elements or open “sleeves” – each of which was decorated with the same coat of arms. Tabard was an important means of identification on the battlefield, along with the development of plate armor as shield use diminished. They are often depicted on tomb and monumental brass images from the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

Our tabard is made of woolen cloth to look dignified in the field and in the competition, and lined with strong barchan to give appropriate strength.

It is possible to combine colors and choose colors. You can find their card in the footer of the page or by clicking here.

We can also suggest several cut-out patterns at the bottom and on the sleeves (link_do_wycięć).

We invite you to our Youtube – Matuls_pl, where you can find some products and practical tips.

Weight3 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 10 cm