Hunting Jacket – Woolen Anorak – Hunter – Modern

Hunting Jacket – Woolen Anorak – Hunter – Modern


Woolen anorak designed for traditional bushcraft.
This design is based on anoraks used by military mountain troops before and during world war two.

A hunting jacket in the wool anorak version, modeled on the military outerwear worn by mountain troops of World War II.
Our jacket is a modified version of the mountain troops anorak.
We have added several solutions to make the jacket more practical.
The modern version is equipped with zippers therefore one of them seals the clasp under the neck.
Also the zippers on the sides of anorak – under the arms – allow convenient access to items located under the jacket.

Important differences

Our hunting jacket in the bushcraft-survival version is equipped with several details that significantly distinguish it from other anoraks in our offer.
The first is a spacious “kangaroo pocket” below the belt line. This pocket is lined with artificial fur on both sides.
Natural fur is available on request. We use rabbit fur from recycled old fur jackets.
Additionally, inside the kangaroo pocket there is a small pocket fastened with a button.
The jacket’s sleeves are equipped with buttons to which orange tapes, necessary during collective hunting, can be attached.
At the back of the jacket, at the height of the seat, there is a pillow attached, which can be used to insulate from the cold ground.
We can also attach it to the front of the anorak when we want our silhouette to be as visible as possible.
For example, when we have to walk along public road after dark or when we get lost and are being searched for.
We make the wool anorak from fabric with a grammage of 400 gr/m2.
The fabric is impregnated and waterproof.
After a few seasons, it may be necessary to impregnate again with preparations for breathable fabrics.
The whole is complemented by wooden buttons.
Woolen cloth is a fabric that has proven its worth in many applications throughout history.
This jacket can also be made of Loden wool with a weight of 600 gr/m2.
We follow the “zero waste” concept, therefore, with the exception of zippers, all materials are 100%


Hunting jacket comes in sizes, check size chart.
Custom sizes are also possible.

Available colours for woolen anorak:

forest green – hubertus

Other colours for our hunting anorak are also available on request.


Full reviev you will find soon on our youtube chanel.






Weight3 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 30 cm