Goatskin “square” – 1,2l

Goatskin “square” – 1,2l


Goatskin made of vegetably tanned leather boiled in wax. Capacity of 1,2 litre.

Goatskin with a specific, angular shape that will hold about 1.2 liters of water,  making it handy and not too heavy. The wooden cork is attached to the skin with a leather string, so it will not disappear during use.

Made of vegetable tanned leather, which has been hardened with natural beeswax.

The wineskin itself had quite a few uses. From just holding water to a permanent working tool of the so-called wine praisers:

An interesting function associated with wine had a special herald, who was also an inspector: every morning this man went to the first inn in sight , which had not yet hired this type of” boaster “, and had to be employed by it. He supervised the pouring of the drink (or he himself he drew it) and then tasted it.

Finally, equipped with a cup and a leather wineskin corked with a piece of hemp, he went to the city to advertise wine and offer free samples to passers-by. It happened that in order to control prices before setting off, he also asked taverns customers how much they had to pay.

The wax we use is a natural product, therefore you should not store strong alcoholic beverages (above 15%) in the skin bag – this may damage the skin bag.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 25 × 15 cm