Doublet – English style – Wool

Doublet – English style – Wool

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A tight medieval double armpit doublet. Modeled with a specific cut with long basques. Appropriate for the second half of the fourteenth century and the whole fifteenth century.

Doublet sewn according to the fashion of late Middle Ages – its cut is tight so that the clothing itself is modeled and tightly adheres to the body. The specific cut is strongly marked in its construction, because this doublet has a so-called double armpit, thanks to which it adheres even closer to the chest at the same time without restricting movements. The basques in the doublet only appear on its back and are quite long. The doublet sleeves are tight with a delicate cut at the wrist and fastened with hand-made material buttons.

In the Middle Ages it was usually made of woolen cloth and linen lining. This element of the dress was the basis of the medieval attire.

  • Like most doublets, it has holes for attaching the hose – all hand-trimmed.
  • The doublet has a natural linen lining and five pairs of lacing on the front as standard.
  • Machine stitches are not visible in any visible place.
  • Doublet available in standard sizes, as well as tailor made.
  • Offered wool colors are in the footer of the page. Please specify it at the end of the order.

    Like all our clothing it can be hand or machine stiched. However, we always follow the principle to finish visible elements manually.

    The proprietary name we use is only our trade name because such doublets were worn in many regions of Europe.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 15 cm

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