Pages of History – The Armet

Pages of History – The Armet

hełm średniowieczny armet


For today, we want to bring to your attention an item that recently peaks interest.

Armet is a type of helmet having its roots in the early fifteenth century.
Currently, it is gaining a lot of recognition in the world of reenactors who want to go beyond the commonly accepted canon of pig face bascinets. As inquiries and orders for Armets increases, we decided to introduce you to a model available in our offer. (Click here)

It provides excellent visibility due to the possibility of raising only a part of the faceplate, as well as the option of practically unlimited natural movements of the head. Despite the advantages, protection was not sacrificed at all. In addition, let us mention that this type of helmet appears in medieval drawings around 1410, as such it might of interest for reenactors going to Grunwald.

A Chinese proverb says that one image is worth more than a thousand words. An interesting film will therefore be worth even more.

Below we link the video on a recommendable, very interesting channel. The helmet shown in it was provided by our company.