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Early 17th Century Doublet - Type 1

Do koszyka

Price: 305.00 €

Code: 17DTC1

Early 17th century doublet based on model from Victoria and Albert Museum. In our standard it is made of wool and lined with linen lining, sleeves and fron are closed[...]

Panel Cloak

Do koszyka

Price: 390.00 €

Code: 17KKC1

Panel cloak worn over doublet and armour. It has 5 panels joined with long rows of buttons. In total there is about 200 handmade, fabric buttons. Other buttons available on[...]

Early 17th Century Hose - Type 1

Do koszyka

Price: 165.00 €

Code: 17SEC1

Early 17th century doublet based on model German National Museum in Nurnberg. Constructed out of few meters of woolen fabric, they have one pocket. Hose are hold by strings attatched[...]

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