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Welcome to our stock.

Here we have listed items that are on sale out currently.

Please keep in mind a few things:

  1. There is only one of each item unless stated different.
  2. To order contact us at
  3. First come, first served.
  4. Price does not include shipping.



1. Tents:

1.1. Umbrella type tent – 8m diameter – Cotton – 3000€

Custom painted huge medieval pavilion.

Ready for immediate shipping.

Made of cotton resistant to water and fungus.

medieval pavilion

knights tent

1.2. Umbrella type tent – 6m diameter – Cotton – 2500€

Custom painted big medieval pavilion.

Made of cotton resistant to water and fungus.

Ready for immediate shipping.

Includes wooden frame, ropes, pegs.

All you need to pitch it up.


knights tent

history tent


1.5. Large shed 6 x 9 – Cotton

Promotional price 1500€

Made of cotton resistant to water and fungus.

Kitchen shed – 6m x 9m – Cotton


1.9. Very large shed 7 x 11 made in impregnated polycotton fabric

It can be used for glamping tents but as historical shed as well.




3. Tabards -50%

Our tabard is made of woolen cloth to look dignified in the field and in the competition,

and lined with strong barchan to give appropriate strength.

All of them are in size L – check size chart here.



Tabard - Strój na zbroję - Rycerz

Price: 60 Euro



4. Gambesons



4.2 Pourpoint gambeson

Colors like in photo, Size L – check size chart here.

Price: 120 Euro


5. Skjoldehamn tunic – Viking – Olaf -50%

Children’s size, height 160 cm

Price: 68 Euro