Two Poles Pavilion Tent – 6m x 10m – Linen

Two Poles Pavilion Tent – 6m x 10m – Linen

5,500.00 6,070.00 

The tent is 6m wide, 10m long and nearly 4m high. The tent canvas consists of 4 parts: the roof and walls in 3 pieces, thanks to which the front or back can be raised creating a large, roofed entrance. The masts are divided into two parts for easier transport thanks to which the dimension of the longest element is 2.1m. The frame is made of hardwood like ash, beech or similar.

Double mast tent with spoke frame is large and spacious living space. In Middle Ages they could be used as hedquoters, living quaters for knights and by gentry even in a later periods.

The tent is 6m wide, 10m long and about 4m high. The main masts are divided in two for convenient transport. The longest element of the tent is 2,1m.

Canvas for double mast tent has four components: the roof and three side walls. Thanks to that solution you can raise the front or back walls and form a large roofed entrance.

Standard version is made of thick linen fabric of denisty: 540g/m2. Good quality linen fabric will not soak through even after long rain. There is also an option of impregnated linen which is hydrophobic and rot-resistant. Wooden frame is made of hardwood like ash, birch etc.

Linen comes innatural colour but on custom order we can use dyed fabric. We can also paint the knights pavilion in historical motifs. Examples of such projects can be found on here. You can also check similar projects for painted double mast tent on our Blog.

As the traveling knight needed a lot of equipment to live comfortably, that’s why his knights pavilion was richly equipped with furniture and transport chests.

We recommend visiting our furniture section to fully compliment your tent

The price for double mast tent includes:

  • tent canvas – in 4 pieces,
  • Wooden poles, wheels and spokes,
  • set of wooden tent pegs,
  • decorative wooden roof tops,
  • transport bags.


  • steel pegs – hand-forged,
  • set of storm ropes and pegs – additional protection against the heavy winds.

Want to know more? Check also our YouTube channel where you can find helpful informations and revievs.

Weight80 kg
Dimensions200 × 60 × 50 cm

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