Small grate

Small grate


Small, hand-forged large grate four legs. Shape and using material gives possibility to using it very long time on every historical period.

Small grate.

A small, hand-forged grate standing on four legs. Both the grate and the legs have been aesthetically finished. The shape and the material used, strong steel, provide the possibility to use it in the reconstruction of many historical periods, as well as strength and longevity. Its size allows to light a fire, on which food for several people can be prepared. It is a solid, hand-made, smith’s work.

Full board was inherent problem of every journey and war campaign, which could decided on its success. Appropriate storage and then making food could improve morale of the army. Horewer it is not always possibility to light fire for warm oneself or eating after hard day. In that situation it was necessery to using grate. Eating together and siting near of fire let, both in past and now, better integrate people around of it. It is an occasion to feeling better encampment life too.

After using  wash the small grate, wipe it dry and apply vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

In Kitchen stuff cathegory they are a lot of products for making food during encamped life on reenactment events.

Approximate dimensions:

Dimensions: length 40 cm, width 35 cm, height 5 cm.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions54 × 44 × 17 cm