Low Folding Historical Chair – K2

Low Folding Historical Chair – K2

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Folding chair made of hardwood. Sometimes called a scissor chair because of its design.

Model very often found in iconography of various periods but it is mostly present in medieval one. Very easy to transport because it takes up little space when folded.

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Historical folding chair, sometimes also called a scissor chair because of its construction. made of hardwood: alder, birch, ash or similar,

However, on special request we can also make a chair made of high quality oak wood.

Thanks to its construction consisting of many elements it is very durable even though we do not use metal for its construction.

The chair has armrests, which makes it very comfortable.

Functional and very easy to transport, because after folding it takes up very little space.

Medieval furniture was the equipment of both the house and the knight’s camps. Thus they enriched the reconstructed tent and the castle chamber.

Wooden chairs are ideal for both, classic and modern design.

This model is very often found in iconography, especially medieval. Very easy to transport because after folding it takes little space.

The chair has no backrest, and its most characteristic feature is low armrests placed on the sides of the chair.

It is an ideal element of the arrangement of a reconstructed tent or a castle chamber.

Like all our furniture, this item is made with attention to detail and protected with special oil wax to protect it properly so it will serve a long time.

Conservation with this product also improves the appearance and colour of the wood, giving it a deep and noble colour and highlighting the image of wood.

Thanks to their durability they are irreplaceable.

Comfortable, functional and solidly made especially when oak is used.

Thanks to its construction, it is easy to transport and stable and durable.

For maintenance it is best to use high quality linseed oil available in our offer or other edible vegetable oil.

The historical chair is the perfect choice for everyone.


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Weight5 kg
Dimensions100 × 40 × 25 cm

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