Kettle Hat With sight

Kettle Hat With sight


Deep kettle hat with visor. Made of 2mm thick hardened steal.

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Deep kettle hat with visor. Made of 2mm thick hardened steal. Product made by one of the best Polish armourers. The complex and scrupulous process of production takes time. However it has a direct result in high quality. It takes six months for our armourer to fulfil an order.


The infrantry and light cavalry did not have to a helm, which can covered all face. Shooting and fformation’s close combat had influence on protecion mostly against attacks from above. The best way to protect in that way was kettle hat, because it looks like big hat covering head and arms.

Kettle hat became very popular in Europe since end of XII century. It’s shape was defferent during centuries. The brimmed could be flat or diagonal, wider or narrower. But still it had to protect head and arms of warrior. During battle it was enough for soldier inside of formation. The helmet was still in using up to XVII century.

Available shape is recorded in XV century’s sources. Sight can provide better above view, what is important during siege and to avoid the range attack. Deep bowl gives the user good head’s protection. Kettle hat with visor was used in all Europe.


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