Italian Export Sallet c 1460

Italian Export Sallet c 1460


Late 15th century gothic sallet in Italian style. 2mm thick and made from hardened steel.

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Late 15th century gothic sallet in Italian style. It is 2mm thick and made out of hardened steel. We can also provide one made with proper medieval technology, no welding. As a standard it is made of 2mm tempered steel, this however can be customised depending on your needs.

Product made by one of the best Polish armourers. The complex and scrupulous process of production takes time. However it has a direct result in high quality. It can take up to six months for our armourer to fulfil an order.

The sallet is a helmet which has XIV century Italian origin. At beginning it was in two version- with covered face (barbuta) and without visor (celata), but finally it became the close helmet. It was used both by soldiers on foot and horseback, horewer always as a part of a full plate armour. We can see it in medieval paints, sculptures, even drawing in medieval combat treatises. The sallet was the most popular in the second half of XV century. Usually it has long neck guard and one narrow sight.

The bowl has a little neck guard and a small comb. The visor has one sight, which is long and narrow, so the eyes are difficlut to damage. The sallet is aesthetically finished. This is a beautiful helmet, which can be a good part of full plate armour.


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