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Hi there!

Welcome to our stock.

Here we have listed items that are on sale out currently.

Please keep in mind a few things:

  1. There is only one of each item unless stated different.
  2. To order contact us at
  3. First come, first served.
  4. Price does not include shipping.




1. LARP tent in medieval pavilion style – black and yellow


Nice and cheap tent for LARP games, good for Warhammer or Witcher games where it can be used by Imperial or Nilfgard troops.

Brand new – 800€

larp tent

nilfgard tent


2. LARP tent in medieval conical style – black and red

Used just at one LARP event, we have 3 pieces in stock.

250€ per piece

larp tent


3. Norman tent 4×8 – made in fustain

Set up only once at LARP event, survived 3 days in rain so it prooved its value.

No inner walls

40% off – 1200€


5. Roman Tent – Linen

Brand new Roman Tent made in plain linen.

20% discount – 800€

Legion tent

Roman Tent


7. Large Hood with decorative fringes – Nilfgard or Imperium

Medium size.

Price: 45 Euro


8. Hose – Late type – Woolen -50%

L size – check size chart here.

Price: 53 Euro


9. Tabards -50%

Our tabard is made of woolen cloth to look dignified in the field and in the competition,

and lined with strong barchan to give appropriate strength.

All of them are in size L – check size chart here.



Tabard - Strój na zbroję - Rycerz

Price: 60 Euro



Tabard - Strój na zbroję - Herald

Price: 45 Euro


10. Gambeson 4

Two of a kind, since it’s normaly not in our offer… Yet!

Of of the prototypes we made and soon will be availabe in our offer.

XL size, we also have a second one in L size – check size chart here.

Price: 100 Euro



12. Pourpoint gambeson -50%

Colors like in photo, Size L – check size chart here.

Price: 175 Euro


13. Arming Doublet – Type 3  -50%

Four different units, Size L – check size chart here.

56a:  56b:   56c:   56d:

Price: 123 Euro


14. Kragelund tunic – Vikings – Haki -50%

Children’s size, height 160 cm

Price: 58 Euro


15. Skjoldehamn tunic – Vikings – Grim -50%

Children’s size, height 160 cm

Price: 58 Euro


16. Moselund tunic – Vikings – Magnus -50%

Children’s size, height 160 cm

Price: 58 Euro


17. Skjoldehamn tunic – Viking – Olaf -50%

Children’s size, height 160 cm

Price: 68 Euro

18. Pavise

Hand painted Pavise. Made from linden planks. Approximately weight 7 kg, 100 cm high and 46cm wide. Handle covered in raw hide. Forged staple and nails. Please contact us.

Price:169 Euro

19. Cord

Blade length 63 cm, overall length 81 cm, lenght in sheath 85 cm. Approximate weight 1160 g. Please contact us.

Price: 253 Euro

20. Sallet

Welding Sheet Metal 2 mm. Weight 2,6 kg. Flaxen, adjustable padding. Head circumference 58 cm. Please contact us.

Price: 316 Euro

21. Set gloves and spaulders with right elbow
Sheet Metal 2 mm. Glove fingers additionally protected by riveted chainmail rings. Sewn glove made of horse’s hide. Please contact us.

Price: 379 Euro