Field tent 3M

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Simple style soldier’s tent. It is based on iconography and original tent from Graz.
It is 180cm high and 3m long. Top pole is not included because of complicated transport.

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A simple soldiers tent. The design is based upon iconography and antiques.

It was very popular among many armies staring from XVI century all the way up to XIX century. As per regulations six soldiers were designated per tent but for your comfort we recommend no more than three.

The tent is 2m tall, 2m wide amd 2.85m long.

As standard the tent is made natural coloured from technical cotton of 300gr/m2 density. This fabric, however, will not withstand prolonged rain, recommended for countries with a warm climate. We suggest to order impregnated fabric which has been tested and impregnated by the manufacturer, not by a subcontractor or by hand which will guarantee that the tent is rot resistant and waterproof. The impregnated cotton has a density of 360 gr/m2.

The tent has only one entrance but as an option we can make a second one.

The set includes:

  • Tent sheet in one piece
  • Two wooden masts and a bar split into two pieces
  • A set of wooden pegs
  • Hand made hemp rope
  • Transport bag

Available options:

  • Hand forged steel pegs

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