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Light Brown Linen Dress

Do koszyka

Preis: 40.00 €

Signatur: suknia_jasny_brąz

Hand stiched simple dress in brown linen.
Total length 134, chest 78-86, waist 66-74.

Lubeck Jack

Do koszyka

Preis: 400.00 €

Signatur: Lubeck Jack

Sophisticated jack made as the original piece from Lubeck city.
The model on sale is handstitched, linen we used was hand woaven.
This jack is made os 12 layers of pure, hand woaven linen.

Sallet 1480/1490

Do koszyka

Preis: 900.00 €

Signatur: salada_1480/1490

Late 15th century german origin sallet. This sallet is one-piece forged sallet made in correct medieval technology, without welding. It has inlay fited and is ready for use.

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