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18th Century Soldier's Tent - Cotton

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Preis: 204.00 €

Signatur:  NBHXVIII-1W

Simple style soldier's tent. It is based on model shown in Prussian book from 18th century. It was designed for 6 soldiers and their equipment.
It is 2m high, 2,5m wide and 4m long.

Arming doublet linen

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Preis: 80.00 €

Signatur: Doublet

Thin arming doublet. Made of natural linen. Withour any padding or with one layer of cotton padding.

1x S
1x M (longer version)

Basel Type Tent - 5m diameter light linen

Do koszyka

Preis: 850.00 €

Signatur: NB5LZC

This tent is based on original one that you can see in Swiss museum in Basel. It has no spokes but single central pole.
Basel tent is dated for 17th century but its appearance is similar then models seen on medieval[...]

Conical Tent 5m diameter - light linen

Do koszyka

Preis: 531.00 €

Signatur: NLH2-3W

Conical shaped medieval tent. Suitable for three or four people and their equipment. Easy to transport. Made of light colour linen and lighter weight -450g/m2. Tent is 3,35m high and has 5m diameter. The central pole is in two[...]

Early Gambeson

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Preis: 80.00 €

Signatur: BAH0W

Arming cloth worn under chain mail, sometimes it was the only body protection. Especially good for reenactors of Wikings and Slowians.
The gambeson is made up of three layers:
Outer layer - linen or leather
Filling - 100% cotton[...]

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