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 How to order  

Ordering Items

To place an order just simply add items to the cart:

Please remember to specify:

  • Colour and fabric type if the fabric is non-standard
  • Measurements - see "Measuring"
  • Delivery address, phone number
  • Payment method.

Please write all additional informations in "Notes".

By special request we can make clothing from a variety of natural fabrics including silk. We do not make clothing from synthetic fabrics.

We will send an acknowledgement of your order within three days.

Please keep in mind that items may look a little different from the picture as all are hand made and this is not mass production.

It is not possible to change your order after you place it.

Please do not send e-mails with info like this "ooops I forgot this item and this..."

If you wish to add some forgotten items please contact us. Then we will cancel old order and you must place new one with all additional items.

We are not responssible if there will be something missing in the pack when you didn`t follow this procedure.


Shipping costs are not included in the website prices.

Examples of shipping costs:

  • Small packages for example jewellery and undergarments, cost approx. 10 euros.
  • Medium packages cost approx. 35euros for an aketon or cauldron.
  • Large packages with few gambesons approx. 45 euro.

Please ask for a quotation for shipping costs of very large or heavy items.

Insurance is included into shipping cost. Insurance covers 100% of item value. It means that all packs shipped by courier (DPD or GLS) are insured, you don`t need to pay extra for insurance.

If you will find destroyed or damaged item in the pack you must make protocol with courier and send it back to us. Then we make claim at shipping company and provide money refund.

Without protocol we are unable to make effective claim.

Payment Procedure

The easiest way to pay is by money transfer. Some of our clients send money by registered mail as it is less expensive. To date we have not experienced any problems, however this method is not recommended.

You may wish to pay the full sum when placing your order. Alternatively, you can send an initial installment of 40% of the cost of the item. We regret we are unable to undertake any work on your order until this minimum payment is made. We wait for money transfer 14 days, after that time your order will be canceled.

We provide payment details by e-mail with confirmation of your order.


We recommend that you ask a tailor or someone experienced in fitting and sewing methods to help you to take accurate measurements. However, the following tips may be useful:

  • Do not take measurements over existing clothing.
  • Hold measuring tape loosely. Do not clench or pull tight.
  • When measuring your arm keep it in a bent position.
  • Measure thighs and calves at their thickest point.
  • When measuring the inner and outer leg length, take measurement fully to the ground.
  • Measure the length from the first ring at the neck to the wrist (with hand bent).
  • Clothing will be made to a standard length unless specified.

We cannot take responsibility for items made as a result of incorrect measurements supplied by the customer.

Click the picture below to see measurement sketch.



All items that are not custom made can be returned to us within 5days from receiving date.

All returned items can`t be damaged or used.

Made for measure clothes, custom made furniture or other items that are not in our standard offer can`t be returned.

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