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Medieval Transport Bag

Do koszyka

Price: 88.00 €

Code: RTDTH1

Transport bag that can be seen on late 15th century Memling`s paintings. It can be made of thick linen that we use also for tents or leather. Finally you can[...]

Pilgrim Bag

Do koszyka

Price: 150.00 €

Code: RTDTH2

Big pilgrim's bag made of thick, vegetably tanned leather.
It has about 50cm wide and 30cm high and will hold plenty of stuff.
Its shape and style is based[...]

Simple Shoulder Transport Sack

Do koszyka

Price: 30.00 €

Code: RTDTH3

Simple shoulder transport sack made of strong linen.

Linen Backpack

Do koszyka

Price: 43.00 €

Code: RTDTH4

Backpack made in linen fabric. Design is based on iconography. Comfortable item for all time travelers.
Dimensions for standard one: 37x47cm
bigger size: 49x63cm

Sausage Bag

Do koszyka

Price: 35.00 €

Code: RTDTH5

So called sausage bag. Design is taken from 16th century paintings. It is available in linen or leather.
Dimensions for standard size: 33x56cm
bigger version: 36x66cm

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