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Do koszyka

Price: 155.00 €

Code: WMCH1

Beautifully cut, close fitting Cotehardie (outer garment) designed to be worn over a doublet. A longer version persisted into the 15th century. The sleeves can be close fitting, decorative or[...]

Doublet - Early Type

Do koszyka

Price: 85.00 €

Code: WMDH1

The earliest and therefore the longest version of doublet. Fully lined with padding. Buttonholes are handmade so that no machine stitching is visible. Sleeves are simple in style and close[...]

Doublet - Gothic Type

Do koszyka

Price: 130.00 €

Code: WMDH2

Beautifully cut, close fitting gothic doublet fashionable in early 15th century. Collar is cut in gothic V shape and optionally can be made with fancy silk fabric (see illustration). Such[...]

Doublet - Late Gothic Style

Do koszyka

Price: 145.00 €

Code: WMDH3

Beautifully cut, close fitting doublet. Sleeves are also close fitting and are fastened by a row of handmade buttons from wrist to elbow. Puffs are stuffed with two cotton rolls.[...]

Dublet - Polish Style

Do koszyka

Price: 135.00 €

Code: WMDH4

Beautifully cut, close fitting doublet. Sleeves close fitting and fastened with two handmade buttons. Puffs are stuffed with raw wool and are sturdy to give a base for outer clothing.[...]

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