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Bruche XVIII Typ 1

Do koszyka

Preis: 19.00 €

Signatur: BMOGH1

Braies made in 18th century style. In standard made with natural linen, other colours available. They are fastened with 3 wooden buttons.

Hemd XVIII - Typ 1

Do koszyka

Preis: 45.00 €

Signatur: BMOKH1

18th century style shirt with collar. In standard it is made with natural linen and fastened at neck and cuffs. Other colours possible on request.

Hand Knitted Woolen Stockings

Do koszyka

Preis: 55.00 €

Signatur: BMOPH1

Hand knitted woolen stockings.


Do koszyka

Preis: 112.00 €

Signatur: WMOKH1

Woolen vest with pockets. It is closed with pewter buttons.

Trousers - 18th Century

Do koszyka

Preis: 88.00 €

Signatur: WMOKSH1

18th century style trousers made of wool and linen. Eyelets are hand finished.

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